Condominium Security Is Not Always Secure

Gary Weatherdon | | Categories: Buying , Property Evaluation , Property Listings , Selling

Condominium Security Is Not Always Secure

You might assume that a condominium’s security system is significantly superior to a detached or semi-detached single family dwelling’s system, but that sort of assumption overlooks some very disturbing occurrences that are inherent to many multi-unit complexes. Consider that a building’s first line of defence is its main door, yet that is often its weakest and therefore easiest point of entry for burglars.   

After all, a building is only as secure as its most lax owner, and it’s a well-known fact that many condo-dwellers are far too casual about allowing strangers into their buildings. Once that happens, burglars are able to roam relatively freely to make their move, presumably to break into a unit they know is not  occupied and poorly secured.

A condo owner whose premises have been violated will take little comfort in knowing that there is likely evidence of the break-in on condo security cameras, as the thief will surely be long gone. For this reason, every unit owner should consider having an independent security system that detects and sounds an alarm upon forced entry through the unit’s entrance, balcony and windows.