Metal BBQ Brush Bristles Can be Hazardous

Gary Weatherdon | | Categories: Home Safety Tip

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If you enjoy frequent outdoor grilling, you may be relying on the use of a heavy-duty brush to keep your cooking surface clean and free of residue accumulated from just-finished or previously prepared foods.

Many of these brushes have fine bristles made of metal for a more thorough scrubbing. Users should be very cautious about using these. There have been a number of reports indicating that some bristles can break off and subsequently get picked up by fresh food placed on the grill, creating a very serious hazard if they become ingested by an unsuspecting dinner guest.

For safety’s sake, consider replacing fine metal bristle-brushes with a heavy metal gauge brush with more easily detectable bristles, or a steel-wool scrubber or synthetic cleaning pad designed to remain intact during heavy scouring.